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johndotyJohn Doty Jr (Jeremy) – John Doty Jr has always loved all things acting. Movies, TV and stage of eras past and present occupied his mind from a young age and he has always sought ways to make himself a part of it. Growing up in Los Angeles, John was always involved in school theater. A few commercials and magazine ads gave him a taste of the profession. In 2003, at the age of 20, John moved to Vancouver in his continued quest to join the history of movie making. John is with a boutique agency in Vancouver working with gifted local directors, writers and producers while auditioning for major productions in Vancouver’s thriving TV, commercial & movie industry.

Yuki MoritaYuki Morita (Kumiko) – Yuki was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from Otsuma University, she travelled the world, spending time in England, France, and South Korea. In 2007, Yuki came to Canada and decided to become an actress. She took a diploma in acting at the New Image College in Vancouver, BC. She continues to perform in plays and appear in films around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In Baby Donut, Yuki helped with Art and Costumes, supplying props, clothing, and other ideas to help decorate the set. She even helped out by making some delicious rice balls!

Yvette LuYvette Lu (Trina) – Yvette is an actor in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her films have appeared on television and in film festivals across North America, including at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, the Route 66 Film Festival (Illinois) and on the Shaw Multicultural Channel. She has studied acting in Vancouver at Schoolcreative and at the University of British Columbia, and in New York City at Circle in the Square. Yvette worked extensively behind the camera on Baby Donut, and was part of the production, directing and writing team.

Natasha Nicole Ramsundar (Woman in Park) – Natasha Nicole is from Surrey, BC. She studied acting throughout high school and completed the level one and level two full-time programs at Schoolcreative in Vancouver, BC. One of her favourite roles was the “Queen of Hearts” in a stage production of Alice in Wonderland.


jungbinyoonJung Bin Yoon – Jung Bin Yoon is from Jinju, located in the province of South KyengSang in South Korea. He is a student at the National University of KyengSang studying Industrial System Engineering and English. He enjoys all kinds of sports, especially tennis and soccer, and is a skilled athlete. He also likes listening to lively music and Sting. His favourite song is “English Man in New York.” This is his “first awesome and unforgettable movie”. He is very thankful to have had this very valuable chance to participate in Baby Donut and would be grateful and excited to do it again or to be in another movie!

KazunariKazunari Yokoyama – Kazunari is from Tokyo, Japan. He is a graduate of Tokai University, and majored in mathematical sciences. He is currently independently studying accounting, finance, and English. He likes to read all kinds of books including philosophy books, business books, and comic books. He appreciates having had the opportunity to take part in Baby Donut and says it reminds him of his time in Vancouver, which was like… “a dream”! This is his “first memorable movie”.

De Guan Zhao – De Guan or “Diego” is from Yueqing, China. He graduated from the Ningbo Institute of Technology, where he also met his fiancée. He enjoys playing soccer and watching movies, and in college, he was the captain of his soccer team. His favourite actors are Johnny Depp and Tony Leung. Diego reports that “it was an honour to take part in Baby Donut”.

Brian Wang – Brian is usually found on the other side of the camera but was convinced to play an ESL student in Baby Donut, which he did with great enthusiasm.

Taro Whitred


jonas-salzbergJonas Salzberg (co-director, co-writer, co-producer, dop, editor) – Jonas is a filmmaker in Vancouver, BC. He has worked on various shows including Take it Outside (HGTV), The Week the Women Went (CBC), and Keeping it Real (W network). Jonas has written and directed numerous documentaries and short films, including Dread Locked and Baby Donut. His documentary on health care in Guatemala for the Save the Children organization has been shown across North America, and has been key in helping them secure funding for their medical projects in Guatemala. Jonas graduated with honours from the Diploma of Technology in Broadcast and Media Communications program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Simon Fraser University.

Yvette LuYvette Lu (co-director, co-writer, co-producer) – Yvette is an actor and filmmaker in Vancouver, BC. This is her directorial debut. As an actor, her films have appeared on television and in film festivals across North America, including at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, the Route 66 Film Festival (Illinois) and on the Shaw Multicultural Channel. In addition to acting, Yvette has worked behind the scenes on several films, including working as post-production producer for Food for the Gods, and composer for Food for the Gods, Servants of War, and Spirit of Language. She is currently writing a play about chronic illness based on her experiences as a medical doctor, and hopes to make films that illuminate the human experience.

Mohamoud Mohamoud (camera) – Mo graduated from the BCIT Diploma of Technology in Broadcast and Media Communications program. He is working at Technicolor and is currently doing Visual Effects composting work for an independent production company.

Oleg Jiliba (camera) – Because he grew-up in front of a television set, Oleg developed a deep appreciation for a good story. So, it was only natural that after high school, he enrolled into Media Communications at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) to master the art of visual storytelling. Now, his camera is the pen and the tape is the piece of paper. Oleg resides in Vancouver, working on the next big thing. To fuel that next big thing, he works as a news and current affairs editor with CBC Vancouver.

Brian Wang (assistant director) – Brian is a BCIT graduate from the Broadcast and Media Communications diploma program. He now works as a freelancer, shooting news for local television stations such as OMNI and CBC. He has a passion for film and looks forward to working in film sometime down his career.

Ron Dumagpi (location sound) – As a small child Ron had aspirations of being a big action movie star. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t blessed with the genetics to be the next Arnold. Being a geek in all things electronic, he chose a more modest purpose in life behind the camera and enrolled in the Broadcast and Media Communications program at BCIT. Upon graduation, Ron got a job in post production as an Editor and New Media specialist. These days, the big chase scenes involve catching the bus to get to work on time and the only shotgun he’s wielding is a shotgun mic.

Leonard Goh (composer, musician) – Leonard is an established musician in Vancouver, BC and plays in several bands around town.


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